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Visual artist, Borbala Arvai fell in love with needle felting in 2007. Since then she has created thousands of entirely handmade sculptures, figures, dolls, reliefs, pictures, and jewelry with this technique, combining wool with natural fibers, recycled material and found objects in a unique way. She also takes pictures of her creations and presents them on greeting cards, wall art, and books.

Borbala has also taught hundreds of people how to express themselves through this art form. She finds great joy in both creating and sharing this unique form of expression.

Borbala opened her Etsy shop, “BoriDolls Creations,” in 2009, where she is offering a variety of felted objects, including toys, decorations, wall art, soft sculptures and jewelry. Her creations are inspired by nature, celebrations, birth, rebirth, the imaginary world, children’s stories, and Waldorf education.

She also enjoys fulfilling custom orders of any kind, hence the tag line “You name it… I felt it"

Borbala was born in Hungary and received her MA in Visual Communication/Graphic Design from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest, Hungary in 2000. Before she discovered needle felting, she worked as a freelance graphic designer, theatrical dancer/performer, and as a make up artist for film and television. She is a self taught felter/dollmaker.

“This art form has been my passion for the last ten years. I grew up in a house with a huge attic filled with treasures of my grandparents and great grandparents. I was drawn to the “useless” objects I found there - pieces of old fabrics, books, buttons, beads - and I continue to see the beauty and art in discarded items. I also collect natural finds like pine cones, interesting looking pods, drift wood, shells, seaweed, moss, rocks, bones and bugs. Wool and needle felting allow me to create with these objects and bring an imaginary world and its creatures to life. It makes me happy to surround myself with this rich fantasy world and offer it up to others."

Borbala currently lives next to the Los Padres National Forest in Ojai, CA with her family.

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